Cracking the code for memory


Hippocampus as the storyteller

New study reveals how the brain makes sense of movies


An event map in the hippocampus

Disentangling time and space in memory


Grid-like signals in imagination

The brain's spatial navigation system and mental imagery


Mnemonic convergence

Hippocampus combines fragments of memory


Connecting brain waves

Synchronized brain oscillations link distant brain regions that allow us to combine memories



Discover how the brain stores memories at different resolutions


Alzheimer's grids

Alzheimer-disposition compromises the brain's spatial navigation system



Our virtual reality city


Memory Craft

Artist-in-residence Seet van Hout at Donders Institute


Translational neuroscience

Homologue regions for space and memory identified across species


Insight creates new memories

Visualizing how the brain recombines memories of past events with new information


Reliving the past

Predicting memory representations from early visual cortex


Our mission is to understand how the brain and the mind work. We seek to answer fundamental questions in neuroscience.

“Memory is at the heart of our personality”

Christian Doeller, Principal Investigator

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